WA Aquatic Recreation Industry Awards

The 2023 WA Aquatic Recreation Industry Awards were hosted by LIWA Aquatics at the Hyatt Regency Perth. 

The WA Aquatic Recreation Industry Awards are designed to highlight and award excellence of Individuals within the aquatic recreation industry, Aquatic Facilities, their staff and organisations and provide an opportunity to formally recognize their commitment to improving aquatic recreation communities, programs, facility operations, management and safety. The awards commenced with Robyn Collard and her grandson Tryse Rioli performing a wonderful Welcome to Country. We were fortunate to have the Hon David Templeman MLA Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage officially opens the awards event and grace us with a story about one of his favorite memories of summertime swims at the local regional pool that he frequented as a kid. 


This award recognises excellence in the development, implementation, and delivery of marketing & communications within a facility or organisation to promote, engage and build community within the aquatic recreation industry. 

The winner of this year’s Marketing and Communications Awards was Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre (City of Armadale). Their '30 for 30' marketing campaign targeted people from all backgrounds, fitness levels, ages, shapes, and sizes, with a particular focus on community members who experience the greatest social and economic challenges. 
The campaign communicated a simple message behind the 30 for 30 offer; 'feel your best for less'.


This award recognises excellence in aquatic facilities that have demonstrated initiative in promoting water safety and the key objectives of the Watch Around Water program within their communities. The winner of this years’ Water Around Water Facility of the year Award was Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre – City of Armadale.

Armadale Fitness & Aquatic Centre has continued to develop current and create new processes which influence its ability to promote the Watch Around Water program and engage with its community.   

This award recognises demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement of aquatic health and safety outcomes through the creation and continuation of an outstanding safety culture. The winner of this year’s Aquatic Facility Safety Award is Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre (City of Armadale) 

Armadale has demonstrated excellence in Safety Systems with constant and vigilant reviewing of its systems, Training and ongoing Professional Development ensuring all staff across multiple areas by utilising a variety of training platforms to best suit the learning needs of staff and excellence in promoting a safe workplace/environment by driving a healthy safety culture aimed at all staff and customers. 


This award recognises excellence in the performance of sustainability practices in the built environment, relating to the management and incremental improvement of energy and resource management and operational practices within the aquatic recreation industry. The winner of this year’s Sustainability Award is Armadale Fitness & Aquatic Centre (City of Armadale) 

Following the installation of a 550kWp solar expansion project which won them the sustainability award last year, the city has followed up and expanded on this project by installing a 500 kWh lithium battery storage system to store excess power from large-scale solar generation.  In 2022 it was all about collecting solar energy, this latest project is now about storing the excess power from large scale solar generation. 


This award recognises facility-based aquatic recreation community programs that use access and inclusion to enhance the well-being of the local community to create a positive impact. The award also highlights the increased community impact through the support of community user groups to encourage behavioural change to a healthier lifestyle, or other health and social benefits. 

The winner of this year’s Community Impact Award is Port Hedland Leisure for the "Summer Free Entry Program". Over the 2022/23 Summer holidays the Town of Port Hedland provided free pool access to children under 12 years of age to Port Hedland 2 Aquatic Centres, the South Hedland Aquatic Centre and Gratwick Aquatic Centre. Implementing such as simple program, increased visitations to the pool providing access to families that could not normally afford to use the facilities. 

It Improved mental health, including stress relief and improved mood as incidents of antisocial behaviour had decreased and improved mental health by allowing friends and families to socialise and play at the centres. 


This award recognises innovative and effective management practices to achieve excellence in swim school operations. This award focuses on programming, human resources, customer service, risk management, community involvement, training and professional development, industry engagement and partnerships. This Award is open to both public and private swim schools. 

The winner of the first Swim School of the year award is Wanneroo Aquamotion - City of Wanneroo.  

Wanneroo Aquamotion Swim School programs are catering to a diverse community, it has developed and constantly reviewing its additional needs programs such as the Annual Dolphin Olympics inspired by the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  They have provided Accessibility upgrades to their facility and programs and addressed Environmental impact issues by encouraging recycling in their teams and the programs they run.  



This award recognises excellence and commitment to lifeguarding, including customer service, knowledge and skills relating to lifeguarding, interpersonal and leadership skills, commitment to safety and overall contribution to the facility. 

The winner of this year’s Pool Lifeguard of the year award is John Everitt (HBF ARENA). John is well respected by his colleagues, customers, and line of management, all of whom appreciate his attention to detail, his management of the pools he is supervising, and his genuine approach to customer service. John has been voted Lifeguard of the Month for his work ethic. He has attended to several incidents over the past season one involving a swimmer experiencing a seizure in the competition pool.  

In August 2022 John played a pivotal role in helping the aquatics team deliver on an initiative known as Monica's Challenge which involved safely carrying a patron aged in her sixties who was born with no arms and no legs to the top of the waterslide, and enabling her to ride a waterslide for the first time in her life with a team of lifeguards in the splash pool ready to catch her.  It is because of John’s patience, care, and attention to detail to ensure safety protocols at adhered to in and around the water we award John the Pool Lifeguard of the year.  


The Swim Teacher of the year award acknowledges the commitment, contribution, and professionalism to the education and safety of an individual teacher. 

The Winner of this years Swim Teacher of the Year Award goes to Louise Scott from Beatty Park. Louise works with many children who have challenges with communication.  She will always ensure she has clear understanding of communication techniques used by her students and will adapt her lessons accordingly. Louise is always making her students feel welcome, important and special. 

Louise is creative and adaptable to each individual’s needs, whilst setting realistic goals for students to achieve through encouragement, nurturing and guidance. 

She has been involved with the AWSOM program in Vietnam for many years which has equipped her with the relevant skills and knowledge to provide exceptional teaching to students in multicultural classes at Beatty Park. 

(Sponsored by International Quadratics) 

This award recognises a commitment to excellence including high-level customer service, knowledge and skills relating to duty manager/aquatic supervisor responsibilities, interpersonal and leadership skills, commitment to safety and contribution to the overall management of the facility. 

The winner of this year’s Aquatic Supervisor of the year regional award is Stephen Waterman (WARMUN COMMUNITY POOL) 

Stephen was unable to attend the awards but has sent his acceptance & thanks via video. 

(Sponsored by International Quadratics) 
The winner of this year’s Aquatic Supervisor of the year Metro award is Isabel Franzoni (HBF ARENA) 

Isabel has undertaken a variety of roles and responsibilities due to a number of external factors. She has been key to keeping the facility operating through staff shortages and emergency situations with her customer service seen as a key strength.  

Isabel takes on a mentoring role with new and junior staff instilling a sense of belonging and responsibility. She was also instrumental in developing professional development for lifeguards aligned with requal requirements.  

Isabel also played a pivotal role in the Monicas Challenge as did John and her team at HBF Arena. Her commitment to inclusion and accessibility shone through in these efforts which is why she was chosen as Aquatic Technical Operator of the Year.  


This award recognises someone aged 18- 30 years of age who is committed, passionate, motivated and shows potential leadership abilities.  

The winner of this years Emerging Leader award is Jordan Caffery. Seeking professional development opportunities Jordan left a part-time pool supervisor role at Leisure World Gosnells to undertake a full-time position at Kwinana and then within the year was successfully appointed as Aquatic Operations Team Leader at Armadale. 

Jordan's ability to lead by example, a strong work ethic and a willingness to take on extra responsibilities. Jordan has demonstrated a hands on-approach with her team, always being available on two-way radio, regularly checking in with her team members on pool-deck, and proactively responding to issues as they arose to provide additional support and leadership.  


The winner of this year's Smith Robertson Award is Leanne Coverley-Brandis. Leanne has been in and around the industry for close to 40 years. She has been instrumental in the industry by being an advisor, a mentor, a coach, a trainer, a lifeguard, a first aider, an operator, and a volunteer. 

Leanne has made a huge contribution to many aquatic recreation key stakeholders,  industry bodies, committees & employers over the years. Having spent a vast amount of time working in regional WA and has probably visited every one of our 130 pools and more, either to work onsite or train the staff. 

As a Royal Life Saving Trainer - Leanne has taken well over 1,000 courses. Leanne’s training days pre-date the electronic records of the RLSS database so it is probably more this this. Well over 10,000 students have received lifesaving training from Leanne. 
Leanne is still currently working with School Base Trainees, Pool Lifeguards, Pool Operations, Bronze Medallion, First Aid Training, and the list goes on. 

We congratulate Leanne for an outstanding career thus far and applaud you for your contribution, your passion, and the work you have done to help shape the industry into what it is today. 

Congratulations to the following individuals and organisations that received High Commendations:
-    Ally Holdcroft – Swim Teacher of the Year Finalist
-    Jessica Fennel – Emerging Leader of the Year Finalist
-    Cockburn ARC (City of Cockburn) – Aquatic Facility Safety Award Finalist
-    Terry Tyzack (City of Stirling) - Aquatic Facility Safety Award Finalist

Thank you and congratulations to the following individuals who received their industry services awards-
-    Anna Jamieson – 10 Years 
-    Alexander Parker – 10 Years 
-    Michael Gosatti – 20 Years 
-    Joanne Pedley – 40 Years
-    David Parish – 45 Years 

Other than the WA Aquatic Recreation Industry Awards we were also able to acknowledge and award the following individuals and Aquatic Centre’s.
Newly Endorsed Waterwise Aquatic Centre’s by Water Corporation:
-    Gratwick Aquatic Centre & South Hedland Aquatic Centre (Town of Port Hedland) 

At the Waterwise awards, held by Water Corporation in June Albany Leisure & Aquatic Centre - City of Albany and Kwinana Recquatic – City of Kwinana were awarded Platinum Waterwise Councils of the Year. Well done to them.

Thank you to Mick Colliss who was the fantastic MC driving the event. Thank you to our supporters and sponsors of the event and LIWA Aquatics - the Department of Local Government; Sport; and Cultural Industries, and Water Corporation, Royal Life Saving Society WA, and International Quadratics.

Lastly, it is very important to acknowledge and thank the judging panels that decided on all award winners and lastly the mastermind behind the awards, Steve Good with the support of the LIWA Aquatics Board. 

2023 WA Aquatic Recreation Industry Nomination Guide