Saving Accreditation Certificate

LIWA Aquatic members that have accreditation can access their accreditation certificate via their account portal.

Some LIWA members have indicated that when trying to save their certficiate it is showing up blank.  If this is happening to you follow the instructions below which will allow you to save your Certificate as a PDF document and retain your information


  1. Log into your LIWA Account using your username and login (please note your username is not your email address)  example username will look like this  sgood12
  2. Once logged in go to your account 
  3. If you have been issued accreditation you can click on details under accreditation
  4. Click on Certificate and your Certificate will pop up on screen (as below)
  5. This part is important (do not save from here) you will need to print by Right clicking on the right hand side (blank area of the screen and a menu will pop up)
    Click on Print or you can use the shortcut "Ctrl + P" on your keyboard if using windows
  6. Your printer selection will come up,  Select Save to PDF or Print to PDF
  7. You can now save your Certificate in PDF format to a location on your computer.
  8. Go to the file and re-open it to make sure this has worked. 
  9. You can now email this file to your employer for their records.

Other items can also be searched in your profile such as expiry dates for fees, previous event registration history and more.