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Q: What does accreditation mean?

A: Accreditation is the arrangement established by the Western Australian Department of Health to verify that aquatic industry personnel maintain the required qualifications as stated in Section 6.2.1 of Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities.

Q: What is LIWA Aquatics role in the accreditation process?

A: LIWA Aquatics is the body that has been referenced in the Code of Practice to provide the accreditation process on behalf of the Western Australian Department of Health.

Q: Why do I need to be accredited?

A: The accreditation process will ensure that only qualified well trained industry personnel are responsible for the operation, supervision and delivery of emergency care in a Group One Aquatic Facility.

Q: What happens if I am not accredited?

A: If you are not accredited you are working outside the Western Australian Department of Health Code of Practice and Industry Guidelines. By association this means you are in breach of Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007. The Accreditation is to remain at the Aquatic Centre and be made available, if requested by an Environmental Health Officer from the Department of Health WA.

Q: How do I become accredited to LIWA Aquatics?

A: By completing the accreditation application providing copies of the required qualifications and ensuring all fees are paid during the three (3) year period of accreditation.

Q: How do I stay accredited to LIWA Aquatics?

A: By undertaking a minimum of two (2) valid professional development sessions/courses over the three (3) year period of accreditation and by maintaining your pool lifeguard and first aid qualifications

Q: How long am I accredited for?

A: You will be accredited for three year period (as long as your pool lifeguard and first aid qualifications are maintained and all fees are paid during this period.)

Q: Is there a cost involved to accredit?

A:  YES, although LIWA members do not have to pay the accreditation fee, but must maitain their annual membership fees during the period of accreditation and MUST be current at time of application.  If membership lapses during the accreditation period and is not paid prior to re-applying for accreditation then arrears may be owing.
If you choose NOT to be a member of LIWA Aquatics you can just pay the Accrediation fee for the full 3 year period.

Q: What happens if I miss my payment for accreditation, am I no longer accredited?

A:  If you have been approved to pay your accreditation fees annually, you need to ensure the payments are paid on time to maintain your financial fees and membership currency with LIWA.  Whilst your Accreditation is still valid for the period on your certificate, your membership and financial fees will have expired and you will be in arrears when you apply for re-acccreditation for the years not paid.  
(Note: Accreditation will not be re-issued until all fees are paid (Members that miss payments may not be approved to pay annually and will be required to pay the 3 years up front when applying for Re-Accreditation)

Q:  What do I get for this fee?

A:  LIWA Members get the  Aquatic Industry Journal for LIWA Aquatics (Aquatic Recreation Australia) sent out at scheduled intervals throughout the year, regular industry updates through our e-Newsletters, Social media and website media releases, member only areas to the LIWA website, subscription to the Australasian Leisure Management Magazine, discounted fees to conferences and seminars, access to LIWA Aquatics Webinars, online updates advocacy for the industry and other professional services.

Q:  Can I be just a member of LIWA Aquatics as I don't need accreditation?

A:  Yes, anyone that has some form a connection to the aquatic indsutry can be a member of LIWA Aquatics, (Centre Managers, Lifeguards, Other Aquatic Staff, Commercial Businesses that provided products/services to the aquatic indsutry.  LIWA Aquatic membership will only provide benefit though to those who work directly or indirectly with the aquatic industry.  We have Individual and Business Memberships available.

Q:  What is considered valid Professional Development (PD) to maintain my accreditation?

A:  When reapplying for Accreditation LIWA Aquatics accepts the following PD sessions (but is not limited to):

  • LIWA Aquatics State Conference, North West or Regional Aquatic Seminars
  • Other Aquatic industry Conferences or Seminars (ie NSW, VIC, SA, QLD)
  • LIWA Webinars or Online PD (Third party Online PD must be approved by LIWA Aquatics)
    • If completing online PD's (RLSSWA PD's for example then a minimum of 12 PD's would equate to 1 valid PD for accreditation.)  as they are approx 30 min each to complete), LIWA Webinars need minimum 6 webinars to equate to 1 Valid PD for Accreditation.
    • 1 Valid PD for accreditation equates to 1 day of training -
      (NB. LIWA Conference is only 1 PD for both 1 or 2-day attendance)
  • Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014), Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID015) courses
  • Confined Space, Fire Extinguisher, Warden Training
  • Safe Chemical Handling, Hazardous Chemicals training
  • Supervision courses (ie Pool Super Vision or similar)
  • Emergency Scenario Training (ie Red Zone Training)
  • Any other course that relates to your work and role as a Pool (Technical Operator).


Courses that are NOT considered additional PD (but not limited to):

  • Pool Lifeguard & Provide First Aid (These are mandatory qualifications required for Pool Managers and are not considered Professional Development training)
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (annually) & Chlorine Gas Training (every 3 years) are mandatory for people working with Chlorine Gas as per Australian Standard AS2927 
  • Bronze Medallion, Aquatic Trainer, Swimming or Sports Coaching certificates (ie AUSTSWIM)
  • Any course that does not relate to your work or role as a Pool (Technical Operator).
    If you are unsure if your PD session is acceptable, please get in contact with LIWA Aquatics to discuss