Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

The Leisure Institute of Western Australia (Aquatics) is an incorporated not for profit body that represents the best interests of the aquatic & recreation industry and its members in Western Australia. LIWA Aquatics has an extensive history since 1969 in providing support and advocacy for the aquatic & recreation industry. This long history and its achievements have seen the institute become a well respected organisation on a state and national level.

Objectives of LIWA Aquatics

1. To improve the general and technical knowledge in the management or operations of aquatic recreation facilities through professional development and training

2. To promote the better design, construction and development of aquatic recreation facilities.

3. To raise the status, character and safeguard the best interests of persons engaged in management and operation of aquatic recreation facilities.

4. To promote the Institute and develop partnerships and services to Local and State Government bodies and the private sector

Benefits of Membership

LIWA Members get a Leisure Magazine Subscrtiption sent out at scheduled intervals throughout the year, regular industry updates through an e-Newsletters, social media and website media releases, member only areas to the LIWA website, discounted fees to conferences and seminars and webinars, online updates and other professional services if required as well as advocacy and representation on the objectives above.

REGISTER is for new applicants to LIWA Aquatics or who have not been a current member for a while.

RENEW is for those who have had LIWA membership and are still current or recently expired.

*Important note, if you have received an email requesting for you to renew, please ensure that this renewal is for membership fees and not accreditation, accreditation certificate renewals are done at the link below.

Go here for Accreditation Renewals.

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