Mentorship Program

Published Mon 25 Mar 2024

It's go-time at LIWA! We’re stoked to announce the launch of our first-ever mentorship program, tailored for the dynamics of the aquatic recreation industry.

Joining the mentoring program offered by LIWA in 2024 presents a multitude of benefits for our members. By participating, members have the opportunity to cultivate a robust support network that extends beyond their immediate circle of friends and colleagues, fostering a sense of community within the industry. Through this program, knowledge seekers are connected with experienced mentors, facilitating the transfer of valuable insights and expertise. One of the primary advantages lies in the opportunity for mentees to gain access to practical knowledge, guidance, and advice from seasoned professionals, enabling them to enhance their skills and accelerate their professional growth. Additionally, mentors benefit from the satisfaction of sharing their knowledge and contributing to the development of the next generation of industry leaders. This reciprocal exchange of knowledge not only enriches individual careers but also strengthens the aquatic industry as a whole, driving innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Before opening the program to mentees, we’re on the hunt for mentors who can guide the up-and-comers. If you've navigated the currents of our industry and want to give back, here’s your shot. We are finalising the program details, but time commitments will be low (only a short orientation session plus a few hours a month for up to six months), and you'll be able to mentor remotely from anywhere in WA. And the best part? You’ll snag some killer perks, too, including:

  1. Sharpen Your Skills: Mentoring is a two-way street. Expect to pick up new strategies, fresh ideas, and a great opportunity to learn from your mentee's journey.
  2. Reflect and Grow: Sharing your journey is powerful. It prompts reflection that can turbocharge your own growth.
  3. Get Immersed: Dive into workshops with your mentee. There will be short online workshop sessions for the mentees that you can attend if you'd like to boost your skills (Totally optional, but who doesn’t love learning new tricks?)

For the rising stars (potential mentees) eager to soak up guidance, we’re about to unfurl the details on how to apply. Keep your eyes on the horizon—this is your chance to learn from the best and make waves.

Keen to be a mentor? Use the link below to put in an expression of interest (only takes a few moments)

P.S. Future mentees, your time’s coming up. Watch this space—more details to come in the following weeks.